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Where Are We on the Hype Cycle for AI?

Gartner’s latest AI Hype Cycle offers valuable insights into where various AI technologies currently stand in terms of expectations and adoption timelines.

Innovation Trigger

Technologies like Quantum AI, Autonomic Systems, and AI Simulation are in their nascent stages. These innovations promise transformative impacts but are still over a decade away from reaching the plateau of productivity.

Peak of Inflated Expectations

There is a cluster of technologies such as AI Engineering, Responsible AI, and AI TRISM reaching the peak. The buzz around these technologies is at its zenith, highlighting their potential to revolutionize various sectors.

Trough of Disillusionment

Smart Robots and Generative AI (everyones favorite!) are currently navigating this challenging phase. Despite initial hype, these technologies are undergoing scrutiny and refinement, a necessary process before they can mature.

Slope of Enlightenment

Technologies like Cloud AI Services and Knowledge Graphs are climbing this slope, indicating growing understanding and practical application. Their steady progress suggests they are on a solid path towards mainstream adoption. It's important to note that autonomous vehicles are in this phase (and still 5-10 years from full maturity), yet we are trusting them on our roadways today.

Plateau of Productivity

Computer Vision stands out as a technology that has achieved widespread adoption and proven its value across multiple industries. Its place in the plateau of productivity underscores its maturity and reliability.

It will be interesting to look back next year to see how different this looks.

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