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Application Development

With over 30 years of application development experience and a portfolio featuring dozens of enterprise-class applications in highly-regulated industries, ProactiveTech has earned national recognition as a leading innovative solution provider. Our expertise ranges from cloud-native and SaaS systems to AI, mobile and cross-platform web applications. We specialize in creating enterprise-class, secure, and scalable products and systems tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Virtual CIO Services

ProactiveTech delivers expert advice and assistance across various domains. Our services include Strategic IT Planning, outsourced CIO services, IT Budgeting, and Product Roadmap Development. We also offer Cloud Migration Strategies, Security Audit Preparation and Response, Mobile Platform Selection, and comprehensive Technology Assessments. Our expertise extends to HIPAA Compliance Readiness, ensuring thorough preparation and compliance.

AI and Machine Learning Solutions

We leverage the latest advancements in technology to offer comprehensive services in Computer Vision, Cognitive Services, Generative AI, and Sentiment Analysis. Our approach combines the power of image and pattern recognition, intelligent algorithms for natural language processing, and creative AI applications to understand and interpret complex data. Leveraging Sentiment Analysis tools, we provide deep insights into feedback and market trends, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. This holistic suite of AI services is designed to transform your business operations, offering innovative solutions that adapt to todays digital landscape.

IT Project Management

Project Management involves much more than organizing meetings and status reporting. It is about leadership, accountability, and successfully achieving objectives. We leverage industry standard management tools, trusted experience, and proven methodologies to provide the leadership and governance required to ensure successful completion of your IT and business initiatives.

Staff Augmentation

Getting the right resources for your IT project can be a real challenge. Recruiting, vetting, interviewing and onboarding new talent can take months and is risky. Whether you need offshore or near-shore resources or on-site talent to work alongside your team members, ProactiveTech can help shorten this process and reduce risk. 

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