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Virtual CIO Services

ProactiveTech CIO Services

For organizations that may not have a Chief Information Officer (CIO), ProactiveTech offers services to support the requirements of the role in the business. We can provide executive management and managerial support, asset allocation and deployment, service level development and monitoring, internal information technology selection management, policy management, audit prep, HIPAA compliance and security and privacy support



ProactiveTech Application Development

Leverage our extensive experience in developing innovative systems to extend your competitive advantage.  Coupled with our other services and project management expertise, ProactiveTech can work with your existing development staff or leverage our own partner network to identify the best talent and cost balance to meet your objectives.  Our agile approach enables us to tailor our development process to support 

Program and Project Management

ProactiveTech Program and Project Management

ProactiveTech can manage your projects, programs and individual initiatives to ensure fulfillment of your business objectives. We are skilled in all aspects of the program and project lifecycle, including required methodologies, artifacts, and best practices. Example services range from project and portfolio management to schedule, budget, change control, risk, and communication management of individual projects

Strategic Technology Consulting

ProactiveTech Consulting

At ProactiveTech, we can help your organization make effective technology decisions by developing business cases based on overall business strategy. ProactiveTech can also assist customers with IT audits and questionnaires , HIPAA and SOC2 readiness, portfolio recommendations, product management and technology roadmap development, process improvement, and technology investment recommendations.

Implementation Management

ProactiveTech Implementation Management

Leveraging our program and project management expertise, along with our proven record of delivering enterprise-class software in both global and local environments, ProactiveTech can define the appropriate implementation methodology and all related artifacts to minimize or eliminate risk for your initiative. In addition, we can lead the implementation to ensure successful completion on time, on budget, and within scope.  



ProactiveTech Product Commercializationn

Defining, designing and developing a successful software product is just part of the product commercialization puzzle. In order to be successful, a holistic approach which includes pre-launch communications, sales and marketing collateral, web and social media presence, and product visualizations (demos) is essential to shorten time-to-revenue and maximize product uptake. Our experienced team can assist in bringing your product to market! 

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