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AI Dental Simulation



Our client, A pioneering dental software company, sought to revolutionize the patient experience by integrating AI into their dental simulation process. This innovation aimed to enhance the process of demonstrating potential dental outcomes to patients.




The existing process was much more labor-intensive, requiring manual selection of the mouth and teeth and outlining of a patient's smile from the 'before' photo, then and running simulation software to create the perfect smile for the 'after' image. This process, depending on the state of the patient's dental situation, could take 30-60 minutes and was impractical and inefficient, especially during patient consultations.




Our team developed an AI-enhanced simulation tool that streamlined the entire process. By automating the smile outlining and simulation, we reduced the turnaround time to under 30 seconds in order to provide the potential smile designs and visual feedback while the patient was still engaged and seated in the dental chair.




The new AI-integrated tool and process dramatically increased efficiency, reducing simulation time down to a few seconds. This led to heightened patient engagement, faster decision-making, and a significant positive increase in the patients willingness to commit to dental procedures. The tool has become an essential part of the dental consultation process, proving to be a valuable sales aid for cosmetic dentistry, veneers, implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening and more. It allows patients to quickly envision themselves with their new smile, which motivates them to accept the case and to schedule their dentistry sooner while also increasing revenue for the dental practice.




This project showcases our ability to design and integrate AI into existing processes, significantly enhancing efficiency, user experience and directly influencing revenue. The success of the dental simulation tool not only improved the patient consultation process and quality of life, but also set a new standard in dental technology applications.

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