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Healthcare and Wellness Engagement Platform



A startup client envisioned creating a community-based healthcare and wellness engagement platform, coupled with a social media network to connect providers directly with consumers. The aim was to establish a trustworthy review system for a wide array of healthcare and wellness services, bolstering consumer confidence and provider credibility.




The central challenge was to develop a platform that could eliminate fake reviews, a significant source of lost revenue based on misleading information. The solution needed to include a robust search tool for consumers to easily find local providers across numerous categories like dentistry, cosmetic surgery, chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, and more. Additionally, the platform required a strategy to attract both consumers and providers, necessitating a dual revenue model combining subscriptions and advertising.




Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, we developed a scalable architecture featuring a configurable subscription model and an integrated advertising engine. For businesses and providers, the platform offered an internal management portal, enabling the creation of digital storefronts with features like provider ratings, verified reviews, and the ability to publish content across major social networks. This portal also facilitated appointment bookings, customer lead funnels, and an integrated social media engine, enhancing user engagement.


The system employs AI for content moderation and sentiment analysis, ensuring high-quality, authentic interactions. Consumers can access the platform via desktop, mobile web, and iOS and Android apps, engaging with provider posts and forums, and utilizing a comprehensive search tool to find providers by various criteria.




Since its launch in 2020, the platform has revolutionized how consumers interact with healthcare and wellness providers. It has enhanced transparency, improved provider-patient relationships, and significantly reduced the incidence of fake reviews. The platform has been a critical tool for both providers to showcase their services and for consumers to make informed choices.




This case study demonstrates our capability to create innovative, user-friendly, and trustworthy digital solutions in the healthcare and wellness sector. It showcases our ability to create mobile applications and leverage AI in real-world scenarios. Our approach not only addressed the client's immediate needs but also established a new standard for online healthcare and wellness engagement, showcasing our commitment to delivering impactful and sustainable digital solutions.

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